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Bought miracle gel polish. Thought it would be good since I have a hectic travel schedule but want nice nails.

TERRIBLE product. Looked great the night applied. By mid day of day 1 wearing it, 7 nails had huge chipped sections. So embarrassing during my customer facing events and sales.

Wish now that I had brought the polish remover product with me.

Didn't because thought a 4 day period would not have this issue....at least not on day 1. Can't wait to hide my hands at corporate meeting next two days

Product or Service Mentioned: Sally Hansen Nail Polish.

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Did you buy the top coat that goes with it? Because you do need it in order for it to stay on well.

I did and it lasted me 2 weeks with no chips.

I have the UV gel kit at home and I love it, so I was pretty impressed when I used this polish.

Wildwood, New Jersey, United States #868399

I agree! At $10 a bottle Sally Hansen should be ashamed of themselves!!!!

to Linda #868472

You should be ashamed of yourself for spending that much money on nail polish.

to Anonymous #873602

you should be ashamed of yourself for concerning yourself with what others spend money on.

to Anonymous #878436

$10 isn't bad considering it's supposed to last for weeks. If the product would work consumers would be saving money in the end...those of us who like their nails to look nice, anyway.

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