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I recently purchased the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in 3 colors with the top coat and I can tell you that it is not the product that they promote it to be. The turquoise color stained my nails and I have this awful discoloration on my toe nails.

I will never purchase this again. See photos

Product or Service Mentioned: Sally Hansen Nail Polish.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I used this product for months on my fingernails in a variety of colors without any problem. But then my fingertips started to hurt.

I removed the polish and left my nails uncovered. Within a few days I had bubbles where the nails had lifted away from the nail beds. Over a week or two some had lifted more than half-way! They are paper thin now.

The doctor says I had a reaction that developed over time. No fungus for me either.


I tried to use just the top coat on my nails one time, and it peeled of right away, and took a layer of my nail with it. When I used it with color it was fine, but by itself it damaged my natural nails.


I recently purchased (2) Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish and (1) clear top coat. Thank God, I only polished my toenails with this product.

Because I only had it on for a few days when I started feeling burning and pain in my toes.

I immediately took the nail polish off and my right & left bigtoes were beet red and sore to the touch. They are now badly discolored.

I went to a podiatrist who said that I had a bad allergic reaction to this product.

Please do not buy this product.


Mine did something very similar to this. Not this drastic but it did damage my nails, cause the actual nail to have bubbles in it & then layers of my nails started flaking off, made my nails very weak.

It was the strangest thing I've had happen. Mine has finally grown out, but it freaked me out for a while.


Some polishes do stain nails, that's why you should always use a base coat on your nails.


Clearly you have toenail fungus / that could not have happened from using nail polish of any kind, real hard to believe :/

to Ladybug 56 #988461

I've never had this until I used this product!

to Ladybug 56 #1050265

I wouldn't have believed her if it wouldn't have happened to me too. My results were a lot like hers.

It did it to both my fingers & toes but more so on my toes cuz I left it on a lot longer than my fingers. My nails had blotchy white spots & layers of my nails started to bubble & flake off. I know it sounds crazy but this is not a fungus.

I went to the dr. He didn't know if it was a allergic reaction or if it was a chemical reaction, but none the less, I won't be using this product.

to Anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1194584

I came to this site because I too have a burning sensation when I use this. I am allergic to acrylic and gel nails but somehow thought I could use this. My fingers start to have a burning sensation when I use it and I feel like there is some lifting of the nails.It seems from what others have shown that is almost deteriorates your nails if you are sensitive to it..

to Anonymous #1229677

I usually do not use nail polish so my nails were in good condition until I used the Sally Hanson gel. I loved the look at first but when it came time to remove the chipped nail polish and reapply, I saw that my toenails had white blotches on them and the nail appears damaged.

No fungus - have never had fungus on my nails ever. Just damaged nails that look remarkably like the original poster's nails. I did not use it on my hands (nurse/no nail polish allowed for job).

Now waiting for them to grow out. Will never use this product again.

to Anonymous #1547743

My toe nails did the same thing. I took the pink off to paint with red for fall and I was shocked!!!

My toe nails look the same as your pictures. I found this site looking for answers. I was in love with the lasting color now I'm so upset!! I have never had this happen before with polish.

Looks like fungus but it is not.

I'm totally embarrassed. Wow!

to Ladybug 56 #1117028

Agreed, I use miracle gel all the time. No problems. I love it!

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